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It is with a sad heart I celebrate today’s Mother’s day.  One year ago today, my mom past away from her 3 year battle with cancer.  It is very hard to put into words how much moms matter in this world.  So, with that, celebrate your mom, the mom of your kids, grandkids, grandmother, great grandmother or any mom you know.

Being a mom is a tough thing, I watch my wife do it as a full time job for our 2 daughters, and it amazes me the patience, determination, willingness, thoughtfulness and much more it takes to be a mom.  There is no training manual, just instinct and a memory of how you’d do things differently as a parent.

So to all the mom’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy it and for all those that have a mom, clean up your room, make your bed, brush your teeth, and clear your plate.