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Live Code Fridays 10/30/2015 8pm EST

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests for another edition of the weekly Live Code Fridays using the SmartThings IDE and platform to code solutions using SmartApps and custom DeviceTypes. Your comments and suggestions for things you want to see written are greatly appreciated. This week we will tackle some spooky automations and ideas on how to use your SmartThings platform to make this Halloween the talk of the block.

Live Code Fridays 10/9/2015 8pm EST

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests as they tackle the challenge of coding up smartapps and devicetypes for the SmartThings HA / IoT platform using the web based IDE.  Comedy might break out, mistakes will be made, it is live after all.  Nothing is rehearsed, nothing is practiced, we just code and talk about HA and IoT stuff live on the internet.  Join Us!

Live Code Fridays 9/11/2015 8pm

Join host Patrick Stuart and guests as they discuss the latest news and goings on in the IoT and HA space and how to leverage the SmartThings platform to code almost anything.  Simple to complex apps will be written live on the air and anyone can join in on the fun.

Live Code Fridays – 8/28/2015 8pm EST / 5pm PST

On this week’s show:

New to ST?
-IDE walkthrough
-Github setup and Why Github?
-Installing Community Code from Github
-Groovy Basics
-My First SmartApp creation
-IDE Logging and Events
-Troubleshooting Tips

So if you are new to ST and want to see how to do some of the basic coding you can do in the IDE or just want to install code from the community, tune and watch.

Please let me know if you want to join the hangout that will be live on air. I need to invite you to the hangout.

Otherwise feel free to use the chat to ask any questions while we are on the air.


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