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SNL 3am Clip

Funny stuff. SNL will go down this election year as a major influencer in the democratic nomination. Can’t wait for this to keep going. Hopefully they will “cross the line” and push the limits. For far too long SNL has been too cautious and feared offending political canditates and office […]

Companies should have RSS Feeds!

I am really surprised at how many companies websites don’t have RSS feeds for their news and press releases. I was setting up a new function on Digital Print Forums which will automatically pull in RSS feeds and convert them to posts for the users to comment on. So I […] and

Well, I’ve been a bit busy. Besides working on the redesign of which should launch by the end of February, I am pleased to announce two things. First, I have taken over the hosting and management for which used to be but due to domain transfer issues, […]

Jericho is Back 2

This Tuesday Jericho is back. After a highly successful fan campaign to bring the show back from its hastened cancellation, Jericho is back for a short, 6 episode finale. With the writer strike wrapping up, it is perfect timing for Jericho. If enough people tune into this great show and […]

Learning Flash and Actionscript

So I am learning Flash CS3 and Actionscript (2.0 right now) for some projects at work. I am amazed at how far Flash has come since I saw it in a 1.0 mode. I’m working on some interactive flash components that load all the data via xml dynamically driven from […]