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Thanks to the great folks at Proxim they loaned me (after giving them my credit card info) an 802.11a card and I am now up and surfing the web.

A few quick updates to the site and then I’m off to listen to Steve Gibson talk about the future of virus’s and the internet.

This morning’s 2 speakers were good. First on was talking about Virus Hoax’s and the history of them. Next presenter discussed the world of Shareware authoring and the pits and perils, as well as tips and tricks. A little on the dry side, but very informative. Hard to follow Virus Hoax’s but they did a very good job.

Overall, my first impressions of Gnomedex are excellent. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and very approachable.

I’ll be posting some pictures here later, gotta find that cable that connects the camera first 🙂