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Religion is exactly what government is based on.

Belief in the opposite is a complete fallacy. Using religion, or even faith or belief is an absolute neccessity in decision making process. Removing religion, faith or beliefs from politics and government is impossible. The problem is when the arguement comes up that we shouldn’t base our government on one religion, and that I agree with. But removing your belief system, ie Religion, from the political system is absolutely wrong and isn’t even part of the constitution. In fact, the constitution protects the freedom of speech, the right to practice religion, and thus, the right to express your religious beliefs as part of the political process.

Fact of the matter is all Presidents have been Christians, only 2 have been Catholic. All have been church going, every Sunday, people. In fact, over 40% of Americans read the bible every day. Christianity happens to be the largest base of representation in our Representational Democracy, however, it is the paria of the political system because people don’t want to rationalize the fact that every decision we make is based on our religious, faith or belief systems. You can’t avoid it, deny it, the only thing you can do is deal with it.

Religion has everything to do with government and politics, the problem is when one religion dominates a government, and that’s what the founding fathers were trying to insure wouldn’t happen again. Read the Magna Carta, its what the Constitution was based off, with one big difference, the whole one church idea was removed. So all “churches” would be welcome.