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I figured I’d start a list of “Toys” I can’t live without…

Tops on the List is my iPod from Apple. I simply love my iPod and use it daily. Bought tons of music from iTunes Music Store and use iTunes to share my music throughout the house. Get yourself an iPod today. I have the 30 gig 3rd generation version, but that mini-iPod looks cool! Saw one today at the Apple Store.

My next, can’t live without “Toy” is my T-Mobile Blackberry 7230. Instant email just simply rocks. How many times have you sat around the office or computer waiting for that email. With the 7230’s instant email option you can go anywhere, and get that email. Top it off with a solid cell phone, internet access and calendar / contact sync with Outlook, its the best. I can even blog from it 🙂

My DirectTivo system from DirectTV is a must have “Toy” as well. I’ve upgraded the internal hard drive to 107 hours of recording via

Lastly would be my Laptops. I have a Apple mac powerbook g4 15.2 inch titanium and a Gateway 450 PC laptop. Both these I carry around with me for work and I get the power of both a mac and a pc and they both fit into one bag! I saw the mac 12″ new powerbook today at the Apple Store and am seriously debating on that size / form factor… So small, yet so powerful.

Future desires is an upgrade to the digital camera… Currently I have a 3.2 megapixel Sony. Today I saw the new Sony DSC-P1 (I think) which is 5 megapixels and absolutely tiny. The Canon SD10 is smaller, and cheaper but only has 4 megapixels. If I go based on size, it’ll be either of these, if I go for features, I’ll get the Canon EOS Rebel digital…

What are your “Toys”?