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Flip Saunders said, “We’ll foul Shaq 50 times, if that’s what it takes.”

What a horrible strategy… Even with like 18 fouls committed against Shaq, the Timberwolves still couldn’t stop the Lakers from taking a 2-1 lead in the West Conference Finals Tuesday night.

Hopefully the Timberwolves will be able to pull one out in L.A. and tie the series on Thursday night. Otherwise, it’s looking like the Lakers will win this series and end up in the finals.

The other thing that’s upsetting me about the reputation of the T-wolves is there desire to brawl. Minnesota is known as the state of hockey, but this shouldn’t spill over into basketball.

K.G. and the T-wolves will have their work cut out for them in upseting the Lakers Thursday night, but at least we’ll have another game in Minneapolis on monday (I think).

Link: – NBA – Lakers take control despite Hack-a-Shaq