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After about 6 months using Gamefly, they cancelled my account. Claiming they could no longer service my zip code securely.

This is bullshit, pure and simple. 2 games sent to me were lost, ironically those 2 games are in demand, new releases. They never got to my post office, nor my mailbox. My guess is it is an inside job at Gamefly. Just too much of a coincidence in my book. They never got into the mail stream, they were never shipped.

Now, I can’t prove it, but clearly it is suspicious…

The good news is that Gamefly doesn’t hold the end user liable for the lost games. The bad news is I can’t even buy the games I have out right now, I have to send them back. Even worse is I loose my discounts with them.

Bottom line is they loose my business and Gamerang gets it. Gamerang has a local distribution center in Minnesota, so hopefully the games will get here securely and quickly??? Who knows.

Good riddance Gamefly, you sucked the whole time I subscribed, I was just hopeing things would get worked out, instead my patience was rewarded with my account being cancelled.