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Color me impressed.? My new Black Zune from Microsoft is impressing me even after day 1.

Highlights from the first day with my Zune:

Able to download about 300 songs without paying for each one, granted they will only play for the first 14 days on my free code, but I am going to sign up for the monthly Zune Pass.

Found almost all my favorite bands and albums.? Yes, complete albums not just tracks, I can finally get back to the old days of playing an entire album not just the tracks I know.

Hooked the Zune up to my Xbox 360 and it automatically recognized it.? Was able to stream music, playlists and control it while playing games on the Xbox 360. Even protected music was able to be played, try doing that with an iPod.

Streamed a movie off my Zune to my Xbox 360 to my HDTV. Granted the video wasn’t in HD, but makes me wonder if it will play HD content???? Hmmm.? Now if Microsoft would allow me to transfer my TV shows and movies bought off the Xbox Live Marketplace and take it with me… Time will tell.

Contrary to other internet reports, the Zune software does have “smart” playlists like iTunes.? I was able to create some really fun smart playlists.? One minor bug, new playlists don’t sync automatically, you have to set up the sync options to copy over new playlists.

Found a bunch of comedy albums on Zune Marketplace and am currently downloading them.? I used to love comedy albums, but hate buying 1 50 sec track for 99 cents.? Now I get the complete album for a monthly fee.? Cool.

Overall, Day 1 has been fun, still haven’t found another Zune to share with, but time will tell.? It took the iPod 3 years, Windows software and a music store to win people over.? The Zune has had one day, and I already like it.? I can truely take music (not mine, I’m just renting it) anywhere I go…? My car, my headphones, my Xbox 360, up to 3 computers, and 2 different Zunes, all for $250 and $15 / month.? Not a bad deal, all things considered.

Need to get a good case with a clip and a car adapter for the Zune…