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I’ve been doing a lot of PHP coding lately for work. We are putting up some really fun stuff soon, but its taking its toll on me. I need to find a few good PHP coders that are willing to work cheap. Ideally, if you are in the Minneapolis, MN area and looking for a nice part time job, let me know because I might just be able to hook you up with a nice resume building job.

On the other hand, I did figure out how to do personalized URLs (PURLS) using about 5 lines of code. I’ll share the “secret” soon, but basically the answer was right in front of me. Heck its built into WordPress 🙂 Just not called personalized URLS, but called something else :). Anyway, its been a lot of fun getting back into coding, but the reality is, I’m not a coder. Any coder who would look at my work would have to agree 🙂

Anyway, back to the grind. (and watch Purdue take on Arizona)