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Big Bang Theory. If this makes it past 3 episodes I will be shocked. Horrible.

Chuck. Not bad, a little week, but has that My Name is Earl The Geek Version. Would have been a solid hit if Chuck was played by Jimmy Fallon instead of a nobody. But then it wouldn’t have been my cup of tea. This will make it through the season.

Heroes. Awesome, couldn’t wait, lived up to the hype. Moving a bit slow again, but lets hope it delivers like last season

Two and a Half Men. Decent, solid show. A good season again I am sure. Great chemistry between characters.


Simpsons. Bland, show is downhill. Maybe 20 years is enough?

Shark. Great season premier, James Woods is at his finest. Best legal drama on TV.

How I Met your Mother. Excellent show, could actually be better then friends. Great writing, good acting. Slice of life comedy.

My DVR will be full by the end of the week. Hope to have mini reviews on all the shows I can watch. Can’t watch them all. Good to see almost all new shows in HD.