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Well, 2007 is done. Let’s look at my predictions from last year…

-Apple will launch a cell phone with iTunes built in via their own carrier network and feature data services

Half right, iphone launched but on AT&T

-Apple will launch a tablet like laptop, possibly preloaded with Windows Vista

Might have been a year early…

-Apple will launch iTV not as a cable box / tivo replacement, but as a IPTV video on demand / subscription model

Not even close

-Microsoft will launch a Xbox 360 to Zune video transfer service, allowing Zune owners to transfer movies and TV shows easily to their Zune and back.

Wishful thinking

-Microsoft will launch Vista (duh!) and it will be very popular as you will not be able to buy a new computer without it installed (ok maybe linux will be on the desktop this year)

Wow, way off, Vista was one of the worst launches of an OS in history

-Microsoft will launch a Zune enabled cell phone based on the windows mobile platform


-Microsoft will update the Xbox360 to include an HD-DVD player or atleast bundle the usb accessory at the same prices.

Nope, although the hd-dvd player did get cheaper

-Cable modem and DSL speeds will increase dramatically in 2007 without the price going up significantly

Not unless you count speedboost from Comcast

-Someone will offer al-a-carte TV download subscription model to compete with cable and satellite service

Hulu, Joost and others launched but no one really hit a home run.

-Blue-ray will die off or at least become the betamax to HD-DVD

Battle still wages on

-Sony will write off the PS3, potentially selling it to Apple (wouldn’t that be great)

Nope, but they are giving them away.

-Wall Street will hit all time highs

Yeah, but no thanks to the mortgage industry

-Google will launch an Operating System will all google applications

Andriod did launch for cell phones

-We will finally find Osama bin Laden, probably in Pakistan

No such luck…

-Terrorists will try to attack us, but lets hope we are able to stop them and not drop our guard

No terrorist attacks

-Mozilla Firefox will double its userbase and become the “standard” browser for all web based applications.

Well, maybe… But IE 7 did help win back some people.

Ok, so I had very little success predicting the future… So this year I will make one prediction. It’s all or nothing.

I predict that there will be a new president elected… Hehe… Ok, that’s a given.

For my 2008 prediction, I predict that Hillary Clinton will NOT be president. As for who will be, I will leave that up to all Americans to decide.

Honestly, I can’t see any of them as president so I have no idea who will win.

So there you have it, my 2007 wrap up and on to 2008