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I tried installing WordPress 2.6.3 on my dev Windows 2008 server running IIS 7 and .Net 3.5sp1 and could not get it working.

I went back to 2.6.0 of wordpress which installed just fine and then did the upgrade to 2.6.3 which worked. No idea why it didn’t install, but something clearly changed between 2.6.0 and 2.6.3 to break IIS 7 installs.

Oh well, now to figure out how to get comments and other functions in WordPress to work under IIS7, got permalinks working, but think it broke the comments feature. I love the new URL Rewrite Pack for IIS7 as well as the Media Streaming Bandwidth throttle option for IIS 7.

Can’t believe I am saying this, but the last couple of months working with IIS 7 has converted me from Apache. Still wish IIS 7 could do wildcard binding without dedicating an IP and retain the web.config file across publishes from Visual Studio 2008, but oh well. I also wish that the ASP.NET Visual Studio Web Server could understand the URL Rewrite statements in the web.config file and route the links appropriately instead of having to publish to my local IIS 7 install in Vista. Also wish that IIS 7 could be installed on XP.

Oh well, at least I got WordPress running and MySQL on it, so that means I can start testing the various WordPress sites I have moving from Apache to IIS 7. Next up is cleaning up my WordPress export to BlogML for import. Oh well, lots to do, little time to do it.