New AT&T SX56 Pocket PC Phone Edition 14

I just picked up my AT&T Siemens SX56 and wanted to compile a list of tips, tricks, FAQ’s and Cool Stuff…


PocketInformant 3.3

PocketStreets w/ your local map(s)

Vbar (Program closer)


Acrobat Reader 1.0

All Locations GPRS Traffic Counter 3.1


ZioGolf 2

Microsoft Entertainment Pack…ads/entpack.asp


128 Meg SD Card (install programs and documents)

Screenprotector (I use Fellows WriteRight)

Thumb keyboard (when its available)


-Hold down “Phone” button (at bottom, left of navigation buttons) to enable speaker phone after dialing.

-Hold down the “Hang up” Red button (at bottom, right of nav buttons) to turn off phone features (useful for boarding planes, etc)

-Tap Speaker at top of LCD to set volume or turn off or enable Vibrate only

-Go to…a&film=&start=Y and grab some pocketpc format movies. Great for that “wow” factor.

-Play some MP3’s or WMA’s on Media player

-Add custom ring tones, any short .wav file works basically

-Flashing LED tells you alot…
1 green flash every 3 secs: GSM signal found
1 green flash every 1 sec: Notification or reminder
Steady Red: Battery is empty
Flashing Red: Battery almost empty
Steady Amber: Battery Charging
Steady Green: Battery Fully Charged

-Nav buttons (left, right, down, up) can be pushed in at center just like clicking on the screen

-Create your own Today screen themes with the new Microsoft Theme generator 2.0 and other powertoys……s/powertoys.asp

-To do a soft reset, use stylus and press it in the hole to the left of the SD slot on the bottom of the phone.

-To do a hard reset, unscrew stylus top and press the small part into the the hole on the bottom left of phone twice.

-Use the nav buttons to scroll through quick dials to dial one handed without having to touch the lcd to dial.

-Hold down the corresponding number on the Phone app to speed dial that number. Holding down button 1 would dial the First speed dial number.

Links: – Great site for news, reviews and these message boards – Another great site for news and reviews/previews – Site for XDA accessories – Batteries, sync cables and cradles, SD cards, and other cool stuff.

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14 thoughts on “New AT&T SX56 Pocket PC Phone Edition

  • Patrick


    Here’s the only way to “mute” the phone so far…

    You have to use the included earbud, there is a button on the cord, where the mic is. Pressing and holding this will act as a mute.

    You can also use this button to answer the phone when it rings as well.

    The cool thing is the phone speaker still rings along with ringing in the ear piece when an incoming call comes in.

  • RW

    I am seriously considering this phone.

    I lost my Ipaq a year ago, complete with the CF expansion card and a E&B leather case.

    Using the IPaq and my cell phone was a constant annoyance.

    Does this combination work for you? Now is the GSM/GPRS system?

    The information on your site was helpful.

  • Patrick


    Depending on where you live, the SX56 is a great replacement for an iPAQ owner.

    I have an iPAQ, soon to be eBay’d now that I’ve tested the SX56 thouroughly…

    Having the SX56 vs an iPAQ has changed the way I use PDA’s. It’s now a main way for me to check email while away from the office or home. It also gives me immediate access to the web and internet sites, including WAP sites as well.

    I grabbed a thumb keyboard for my SX56 from and used to use the Compaq folding keyboard for my iPAQ. The thumb keyboard is just as useful and rounds out the only thing missing compared to an RIM Blackberry or Treo like device.

    Anyway, as long as you live in a major metro area, the GSM/GPRS coverage is solid on AT&T. Assuming you have coverage. They have plans to increase their GSM coverage to mirror their current TDMA coverage within this year (2003) and also attempt to negiotate roaming with the other GSM providers to help provide redundant GSM coverage.

    Best thing to do is find an AT&T store, ask to test one out, take it home, (probably have to put some money down) take it to work, see if it works for you. Being that you already know the PocketPC you’ll be right at home and amazed by the tight integration of the phone and internet.

  • Ryan Doughty

    is there any possible way to increase the ring volume? My incoming calls are hardly noticeable with my current volume (the highest). The vibrate works OK, but sometimes I can’t feel it. I really love my device, but I need a way to make my ringer as loud as the volume on the media player.

  • Patrick


    As far as I know there is no way to increase the ring volume.

    However, you can create a wav file as a ring tone that is loud or annoying so you can better hear it.

    Hopefully AT&T will fix this, but its part of the acoustic shock function built into the firmware.

    Basically the phone volume rises slowly not to blow out an ear drum if it was held up to the ear and started to ring.

    I’m hoping to create a few ring tones that are loud and annoying soon!

  • Rose


    Have you looked into expansion (beyond SD/MMC, which only takes memory from what I’ve heard)? I have an SX56 and would love WiFi (802.11b) access, but I don’t know how you’d get that other than an expansion pack (and I don’t know when, if ever, one might find that).


  • Patrick

    CD King,

    Nope, nothing yet… You’ll have to wait for PPCPE 2003 for a mute feature. Maybe sometime later this year, then again, maybe not. You never know…

  • CD King

    Is there still no way to mute the SX56 phone while on a call (other than pressing and holding the “answer” button on the earbud)? This is a very irritating deficiency in a business environment (conference calls, etc.), and I’m astounded they would bring a phone like this to market without this function.

    Any workarounds or after-market products available to help with this? Thanks –

  • wayne

    I found one product that works for mute…it costs $5.00 and I don’t remember where I got it but it is called Phone Today….Hope this helps.

  • JG

    regarding the low ring… what I have done is to convert a song from mp3 to wav and edit the wav file to decrease the size. Then transfer the file to your device /windows/rings folder. It has worked really well for me

  • jG

    If you are like me you also want to use the SX56 as an mp3 player. If so you will need an adaptor for your standard 3.5mm headphone. this is the best I’ve seen. I use it and it works really well.

  • Steve

    Does anything know if the SX56 supports SDIO cards? I’d really like to get one of the 802.11b SD cards to connect to my wireless network, but nobody seems to know if it will support it. Or maybe there’s a firmware upgrade somewhere. Any info would be great. Thanks!