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Why can’t companies make standards based equipment for the consumer?

I have a nice Kodak v570 dual lens digital camera and was sick of Easy Share and wanted to use Google’s Picasa 2. Well, Picasa doesn’t “see” the camera, heck windows doesn’t see the camera, only easy share does.

My old sony works fine, so does my old canon. Why can’t the kodak one work?

And on that note, why can’t these camera makers use standard usb or mini usb connectors? Kodak, Sony, Canon, almost everyone seems to have a different sync cable. I hope this gets fixed soon. What a great 3rd party fix, a usb cable with a ton of different ends to attach to any device.

My rant for the day… Hopefully someone has some creative way to make Picasa 2 see the Kodak camera so I don’t have to import into easy share first.

Frankly, nothing against easy share, just don’t need all the extras it offers and eye candy. Just need a simple image manager like iphoto on the mac.