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To Blog or Not To Blog 1

Is blogging dying?  Dead?  For me the answer is pretty simple.  Most likely.  With Twitter and Facebook, most people are using those social networking sites far more then a blog. What is the answer?  Should blogging be expanded, encouraged?  Should it be eligible for some sort of government bailout 🙂 […]

Trouble at the Drive Through

Simple question.  What is the McDonalds policy for telling someone at the drive through to pull ahead and wait? This morning I ordered breakfast (my turn to cook) and with only one car behind me, who order basically the same thing as me, I was told to pull forward and […]

Please Print This…

Letter to the Industry: “Don’t Print” isn’t “Going Green” Charlie Corr, Chief Strategist at published this open letter to the Industry highlighting the “issues” we see with the challenges the printing industry is facing with people not printing things, and somehow thinking that not printing is saving the environment. […]

A&E Factory Service Do Not Do Business With Them. 1 These guys are scammers. We had a Whirlpool washer timer fail. My wife places a service call and someone from A&E Factory Service comes out and identifies that the timer has failed. He then says the part isn’t in town and will have to order it. Even though they […]

Kodak v570 Camera and Google Picasa 2

Why can’t companies make standards based equipment for the consumer? I have a nice Kodak v570 dual lens digital camera and was sick of Easy Share and wanted to use Google’s Picasa 2. Well, Picasa doesn’t “see” the camera, heck windows doesn’t see the camera, only easy share does. My […]

African Printing Scam 60

Wow, months after the African Puppy Scam I get another one over the weekend. Started off with a simple email requesting a quote in print price… Hello Sir/Madam, My name is Rev James Hopper and i want to make an order of SOME FLYERS .I will like you to get […]

My Thoughts on Drupa 2008 3

Well, I’ve had some time to step away from the week long trip to Germany and the Drupa Print show. The trip was fun, and informational. Day 1 – Recovery from flight, stayed local, near the hotel. Cab driver from Airport spoke great English and knew more about Abe Lincoln […]