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Kindle Fire

Got a Kindle Fire this weekend and have to say, despite all the negative feedback, I’m impressed. I own a 1G and 2G iPad and a Motorola Xoom so the tablet space isn’t new.  But comparing the Kindle Fire to either of these is just not apples to apples.  At […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango

Well, I got a Samsung Focus S to play around with this weekend and test the windows phone 7 OS out.  Overall, I liked it, but I can’t switch from iOS just yet. UI The “Metro” UI is actually quite nice, I found it easy to use and find everything.  […]

Netbooks, Good or Bad?

Well, I broke down and bought an ASUS 1000HE for work and I have to say, I love it.  I have a normal laptop, Lenovo W500 which I do all my programming and web work on.  So why did I need this netbook? Well, for one, I love the size, […]

Personalized Urls – PURLS 1

A big buzz word in the printing industry now is PURLS or personalized urls and their impact in direct response advertising. Many companies are offering PURLS as a service now and exposing printers to a tough choice, to implement PURLS or not. What are PURLS? The idea is simple, too […]


Well, its going to be a busy weekend. 40 computers and a new server to install. Going with Windows 2003 Server Small Business Edition and Windows XP Pro on the desktop. Should be interesting getting this all to work smoothly, but will be a very needed upgrade for the company. […]