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Windows Phone 7 Mango

Well, I got a Samsung Focus S to play around with this weekend and test the windows phone 7 OS out.  Overall, I liked it, but I can’t switch from iOS just yet. UI The “Metro” UI is actually quite nice, I found it easy to use and find everything.  […]

Writing Out LINQ to XML Documents to CSV Text Files

This may sound stupid, but I wanted to store some text parsing I was doing for some VDP projects in LINQ to XML XDocuments. So, I created the following:XDocument recs = new XDocument();XElement records1 = new XElement(“Records”);XElement record1 = new XElement(“Record”);record1.Add(new XElement(“id”, “1”),new XElement(“Name”,”Test”),new XElement(“Address”,”123 Anywhere”));records1.Add(record1);recs.Add(records1);which should create an xml […]