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Happy Mother’s Day

It is with a sad heart I celebrate today’s Mother’s day.  One year ago today, my mom past away from her 3 year battle with cancer.  It is very hard to put into words how much moms matter in this world.  So, with that, celebrate your mom, the mom of […]

The New Glasses

  These are the new glasses I got.  After almost seven years with my current pair, I decided do buy two new pair.  The one one the left is an invisible type metal frame and the one on the right is a black plastic frame.  I like the invisible one […]

Windows Live Writer Testing

After installing BlogEngine.Net and really loving it. I decided to give Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer a try. This post has been written completely in WLW. I was able to add this picture and even add the title and sepia tone to it. Table Values One Two Three Four It can […]

When Design Overrides Product

what’s wrong with this picture?  What exactly is the point of this product if you have to look over your shoulder? I am sure someone said, why are we seeing the back of the girls head?  So the designer got another photo of her looking back.

Brett Farve a Viking?

What a wonderful world we live in… Imagine if you will, Monday night, start of the 2008 NFL season. Lambeau field, 60,000 packer fans… Voice comes over the PA system. Ladies and Gentlemen, for 16 years, this man has given Green Bay 2 superbowls, 11 playoff berths and never missed […]

My Mom, Carol Passed Away Today

With great sadness in my heart, I wanted to let people know that my mom, Carol K Stuart, passed away this morning. Her 3 year battle with cancer has finally come to an end. Her strength was off the chart, she was amazing in her willingness to fight this cancer […]